BELFAST, Maine — If you felt a little bit shaky Wednesday morning in midcoast Maine, you’re not alone.

People in and around the Monroe area took to social media to say they felt an earthquake. They were correct. A quake registered on a seismograph at Colby College in Waterville around 6:30 a.m.

The Weston Observatory in Massachusetts reported a 2.1-magnitude quake centered in Monroe, according to the Waldo County Emergency Management Agency.

Earthquakes with magnitudes under 2 often go unfelt but can be detected with seismographs, according to the United States Geological Survey.

Small quakes around that strength aren’t uncommon in Maine. Maine has seen 26 measurable earthquakes in the past year, including four in the past month, according to USGS data. The largest in the tremor measured this year was magnitude 2.5, but its epicenter was in New Brunswick, about 30 miles from Limestone, according the USGS.

The largest earthquake ever recorded in Maine, measuring a 5.9 magnitude, was centered in the Pembroke-Eastport area on March 21, 1904, according to USGS data.

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