WEST BATH, Maine — The West Bath town clerk on Friday alerted residents to be on the lookout for “suspicious acting wildlife” after a fox jumped at a moving pickup truck and bit the tire Friday morning.

David Hennessey said his brother, Jim Hennessey, was driving a pickup truck on the family farm on Hennessey Drive when the fox “attacked the pickup.”

“He bit the tire, and then just ran off,” David Hennessey said.

The town’s animal control officer, Todd Stead, was at the scene within about 15 minutes, Hennessey said, but didn’t see anything.

Town Clerk Karly Perry said Friday afternoon that she hadn’t fielded any other calls about potentially rabid animals. Stead did not immediately return a phone call on Friday.

Brunswick Animal Control Officer Heidi Nelson said she was called to Country Lane earlier this week for a raccoon that was acting strangely, but she didn’t find it.

Sagadahoc County Lt. Brian Quinn said the Maine Warden Service had been called to a number of similar incidents throughout the county during the past few days.

The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention has tracked a number of cases in the during recent weeks. Rabid red foxes were confirmed on May 30 in Turner and May 31 in Scarborough. Rabid raccoons were confirmed in Hodgdon (Aroostook County) and Hope (Knox County) on June 5 and Dedham (Hancock County) on June 7. A rabid gray fox was confirmed in Topsham on Wednesday.

In the Topsham case, a man was treated at a hospital on Tuesday after he was bitten twice on the hand by the fox.

In Hope, a young woman bitten by a raccoon subsequently drowned the animal in a mud puddle.

Cpl. John MacDonald of the Maine Warden Service said Wednesday that while interactions with wild animals are more common at this time of year because they’re out during the day feeding their young, he added, “actually getting bit is pretty rare.”