SABATTUS, Maine — A Maine state trooper was injured slightly Monday night when he was forced to drive his cruiser into a car headed the wrong way on the Maine Turnpike, according to a Maine Department of Public Safety official.

Trooper Lee Vanadestine had bumps and bruises but did not require hospitalization, Stephen McCausland, spokesman for the department, said Tuesday in a press release.

Vanadestine found the car about 10 p.m. Monday as it was driving north along a construction area in the southbound lane in Sabattus, he said. The trooper pulled his cruiser alongside the car and forced it into the median guardrail.

The driver, Steven Burns, 67, of Augusta told the trooper that he was confused and had gotten on the turnpike at the Sabattus exit and driven four miles in the wrong direction, according to McCausland. Burns has not been charged but could face charges after the case is reviewed. The Secretary of State’s office was expected to be notified so Burns’ driver’s license status can be reviewed.