CLEVELAND — After spending Monday night at the Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland Indians manager Terry Francona was home resting Tuesday and did not manage the team in its game against the Texas Rangers.

Francona became ill during Monday night’s game. He was taken to the Cleveland Clinic where he underwent a series of tests.

“The doctors ruled out any major health issues, which was a big relief to all of us,” said Indians president Chris Antonetti.

It was the second such episode for Francona in less than two weeks. During a home game against the Los Angeles Dodgers on June 13, Francona had to leave the dugout and was taken to Cleveland Clinic for tests after experiencing spells of dizziness and light-headedness. Tests at that time also revealed no major health issue, and his discomfort was attributed to dehydration.

Antonetti said Francona will return to the dugout for Wednesday’s game with Texas. Francona will continue to be monitored by doctors over the next several weeks to determine the nature of his recent symptoms.

“It raises a red flag, but Tito underwent every test you could possibly imagine, and they all came back clean,” said Antonetti on Tuesday. “He wanted to come back to manage tonight but we told him to go home and rest.”

In Francona’s absence, bench coach Brad Mills managed the team Monday night. Mills also ran the ballclub for Tuesday’s game.

Francona’s health issues haven’t affected his sense of humor. A release issued by the Indians Tuesday updating Francona’s condition included the line:

“Mr. Francona also wanted to express that medical personnel have not yet ruled out an allergy to bench Coach Brad Mills.”