An increase in noise complaints about Bates College students living off-campus has prompted Lewiston police and city officials to take action.

Police say a Thursday night meeting with local residents to discuss the problem was the biggest one yet on the subject. Dozens of residents, landlords, city officials and college representatives were in attendance voicing their concerns, and a new policy has been put in place as a result.

“[The students] have certain rights, but they also have certain responsibilities and certain behaviors are expected of them,” Lewiston City Administrator Ed Barrett told WGME, CBS 13, in a previous interview.

Beginning later this year, when a resident calls to report a residential disturbance in a home occupied by Bates students, the police will be sending their officers instead of calling college security, as they did previously.

Currently, the domestic property policy states that police must respond to calls at a specific address five calls before more serious intervention can take place. Police are advising residents to be specific about what their concerns are when making future complaints.

Police say they’ll also host an orientation for those living off-campus prior to the school year to make them aware of noise regulations in residential neighborhoods, and they’re also hoping to meet with landlords.

CBS 13 previously reported that city officials have put a moratorium in place preventing anyone from turning any more homes into boarding houses in a residential area near the the Bates campus.

During Thursday night’s meeting, police also discussed distributing permit parking passes on streets for Lewiston residents only, as well as restricting overnight parking, although neither move was finalized.