One family decides that staying home to raise their kids is the most important thing to them. So they start a small farm. From there, their dream of raising a family turns into so much more.

The latest video in the Growing Maine series, produced by the University of Maine Cooperative Extension, tells the story of Cedar Run Farm in Bradford, a natural grass-fed beef and pork operation. Leanne and Billy Waters started the farm when their kids were young. Their children, Cierra and Colby, are active in the farm operation and are preparing for a bright future in farming.

“My animals were raised here, I knew what they ate, I knew where they were and I knew exactly what they were doing every single day,” Cierra explains in the video, noting that “you know where your meat is coming from because there is a lot of hard work that goes into the process to just grow the food and get it to where it needs to go.”

Cierra will experience her last chance to participate in the 4-H exhibition at the Bangor State Fair. She finished high school in May and is having to make some big life choices about where she will put her life long skills to good use.

Their participation started in the UMaine Extension 4-H program and grew into a full-scale beef operation. Leanne, Cierra and Colby talk about the past and the vision for the future, as each of the youth plan on staying connected to agriculture when they finish high school.

Cierra and her family are participating in the Bangor State Fair where visitors can stop by and check out Cierra and her livestock. She is quite excited to report that a calf was born while at the fair this year.

The University of Maine Cooperative Extension created a short documentary above as part of a video series called “Growing Maine” to bring people closer to farmers and producers, to better understand the human dimension of agriculture.

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