A mother and father are heartbroken, after losing their 20-year-old son in what appears to be an accidental shooting.

It happened July 30 in Baldwin. Rescue crews spent more than an hour to save the young man’s life.

Six friends were target practicing in a sand pit that afternoon when one of the guns jammed. Investigators say as two men tried to fix the gun, it went off.

The sand pit is a popular place for gun enthusiasts like Chance Gallant and his friends to target practice. Chance’s parents say investigators told them their son walked around a pickup truck to see if he could help fix the jammed gun, when it fired hitting Chance in the chest. Immediately two of his friends, who are firefighters, tried to save him.

When Deputy Chief Jason Schoolcraft of Sebago EMS got to the scene, he realized the gunshot victim was Chance, one of his own EMTs.

“He was a great kid,” Schoolcraft said.

Despite their efforts, Chance died at the scene.

“This hits us hard,” Schoolcraft said. “Really does.”

Chance’s father says his son and his friends practiced gun safety and just made a mistake.

“He was a great advocate for guns,” Schoolcraft said. “He loved them. There wasn’t anything he didn’t know about them.”

Investigators agree this was an accident.

Chance’s mother said: “We don’t hold anyone responsible.”

“Those six gentlemen, including Chance being part of the six, upstanding young men,” Schoolcraft said. “If they were not out shooting, they were out four wheel driving in the mud somewhere.”

Schoolcraft says Chance Gallant loved to hunt and fish, but as an EMT he found purpose helping people in need.

“If he wasn’t working his day job, then he was trying to help out here and do what he could for the community,” Schoolcraft said. “He was just that great of a kid.”

The incident remains under investigation. At this point, no one has been charged.