If you live in Portland, the way you recycle will soon change.

Starting next week small bins will be replaced with large carts.

The city says it will encourage recycling and cut down on litter, but some residents are concerned they’re too big.

“This is going to be about cleaning up the city. We’ve all seen those windy days where trash is blowing everywhere,” said City Manager Jon Jennings.

Sixteen and 18-gallon curbside bins will be replaced with large 64 gallon carts with wheels and lids.

A study from the University of Southern Maine found the open bins were responsible for more than a ton of litter on portland streets.

“When that trash blows around inevitably some of it finds its way to the water,” Jennings said.

The city is rolling out 25,000 carts.

Every household and apartment building will get one of the new containers for free as the city picks up the cost of about $1 million.

The city got a $175,000 grant from the non-profit Recycling Partnership to help offset the cost.

“We expect the city of Portland will increase their recycling by a third,” said Keefe Harrison with Recycling Partnership

Jennings said most of the feedback has been positive but some residents are concerned they’re too big.

“I think that’s a wait-and-see. Some people have expressed concern about the carts, but they haven’t received them yet,” Jennings said.

Harrison said it’s a common question as they work with communities to improve their recycling programs.

“Often people are nervous will this be too big to handle, but once they get used to it then they find its ease — this improvement; this modernization is actually easier to use,” Harrison said.

The carts will be wheeled out starting Monday.