BETHEL, Maine — The family of one of three U.S. Marines believed to be dead after an Osprey crash off Australia’s coast is opening up about their loss.

The Marine Corps says an Osprey aircraft crashed into the sea while trying to land Saturday and that 23 of the 26 on board were rescued, but three were unaccounted for.

One of them is Ben Cross, a Mainer who graduated from Telstar High School in Bethel.

The military said Sunday the search turned into a recovery mission for the U.S. Marines.

The parents and brother of Ben spoke with CBS 13 Sunday night, calling their loss “unbearable” and expressing their condolences to the families of the other two Marines lost at sea.

“We’re going to miss FaceTiming with him whenever he got a chance and certainly any leave that he would have gotten,” Ben’s father, Robert Cross, said.

“We would also like to say to the other family members that are going through this, that received the same message that we did, that are going through what we’re going through right now, you’re in our thoughts and prayers as well and our hearts,” Ryan Cross, Ben’s brother, said.

Ben’s mother, Valerie Cross, says she will miss making more memories with her son. “We have so many awesome memories, but to know that we will never make any more with him is unbearable,” she said.