Plans are in the works to make accessing the beach a lot easier in York, but not everyone is sold on the idea.

It’s a common complaint from tourists on York Beach — too much traffic. The town has a plan to create a new parkway with direct access to York Beach from Route 1.

Town Manager Stephen Burns said there’s no easy way to get there.

“You’re either coming south and then going through York Village and York Harbor, up Long Sands to get to Short Sands Beach, or you travel north on Route 1 and then hook back down on 1A,” Burns said.

Tourists like the idea.

Plans also call for a traffic light where the parkway would come out onto Route 1. Town leaders say that light will make it easier and safer for traffic to get in and out of York Beach.

People living nearby have mixed feelings. One man said he doesn’t want the traffic noise and future development that might come once the road is built. On the plus side, though, the parkway might keep drivers from cutting through side neighborhoods to get to the beach.

Local voters have already approved the parkway. The town just needs a permit extension for construction to start, on a road the town said is long overdue.

“It was first proposed in the ’30s by the York Beach Village Association,” Burns said.

The town hopes to finish the road next year.