The Orono Bog Walk has been vandalized yet again, according to a local television station report.

Boardwalk Director Jim Bird told WABI Channel 5 on Thursday that nearly a dozen railings were kicked or torn off the boardwalk Wednesday night, some of which were thrown into the bog.

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The bog, which extends for 1 mile into the Bangor City Forest and abutting property owned by the University of Maine, was built in 2002 as part of a collaboration between the University of Maine, the city of Bangor and the Orono Land Trust.

In recent years, it has had its fair share of run-ins with vandals in recent years.

In September 2010, vandals caused so much damage by ripping off nearly 25 benches, smashing through bog floorboards and ripping off signs that the boardwalk was forced to temporary close.

Teenage vandals were caught on camera in August 2011 destroying part of the boardwalk. Last June, the bog walk was vandalized and forced to temporarily close again.

The latest incident, which is believed to have happened in the evening of Aug. 9, marks the fourth time since May 1 vandals have wreaked some sort of havoc, Bird told Channel 5.

“This year there seems to [have] been a lot,” Bird told WABI.

“It’s sad and frustrating. You get angry at it. You don’t know why people do it,” Bird said. “It’s sort of a sad situation that they keep on doing it.”