PORTLAND, Maine — Two southern Maine doctors have been put on probation by the state body that licenses physicians.

Earlier in August, the Maine Board of Licensure in Medicine placed Dr. Malathy Sundaram and Dr. Catherine Crute on probation as part of agreements to resolve complaints against their medical licenses.

Sundaram, who has a practice in Sanford, had four complaints against her regarding how she prescribed medications and communicated with patients about treatment options, according to a consent agreement between her and the Board of Licensure. She must receive a clinical competence assessment from the Center for Personalized Education for Physicians and repay the board the nearly $8,500 it cost to investigate the complaint. The length of her probation will vary depending on the assessment’s findings.

Crute, who is retired and lives in Portland, was placed on probation and reprimanded for failing to provide a former patient with medical records, according to a separate board statement. She will be on probation for three months, must pay a $1,000 fine and inform all of her patients from the last five years of how to obtain their medical records.

Sundaram did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Crute could not be reached for comment.