Retired Army Staff Sgt. Travis Mills, a Maine soldier who lost part of all four of his limbs in Afghanistan who is now an advocate for injured veterans, met with President Donald Trump in an impromptu meeting in July. Credit: Courtesy of Travis Mills

ROME, Maine — An Army veteran who lost all four limbs in an explosion in Afghanistan says the name of his newborn son pays tribute to two medics who helped save his life.

Travis Mills runs a retreat in Maine for combat-injured veterans.

He says his son’s name, Dax, is a mashup of the medics’ names, Daniel and Alex. He says that without them, “We would not be where we are today.”

Mill on Tuesday announced the arrival of Dax Fieldyn Mills on Facebook.

Mills and his wife, Kelsey, already have a daughter, Chloe. Dax was born last month.

Mills’ lakeside retreat hosted 57 injured veterans and their families for free this summer. Mills says the retreat shows participants how they can overcome disabilities to continue engaging in fun activities with their families.