Gary Snowden has been an avid golfer his entire life, and enjoys whatever time he can spend at Country View Golf Course in Brooks.

But the 75-year-old Belmont resident, who spends his winters in Florida, achieved a rare feat in August at the course along Route 7.

Snowden recorded two holes-in-one 10 days apart last month, the first on Aug. 3 on the ninth hole, and the second on the fourth hole on Aug. 14.

Both holes are par 3’s. The fourth measured 145 yards and the ninth was 125 yards. Snowden used a 7-iron in each case, but the approach to each green was different.

“The fourth, a big bunker on the right guards a sloped green, so you’ve got to be pretty accurate just to stay on,” he said. “The ninth is downhill and you’ve got to be careful because you can go over the green.”

Snowden said club selection is the top priority on Country View’s No. 9, on which players have to clear some trees to get the ball down to the home green.

Clubhouse manager Jim Remy said Mike Cunningham, another Country View member, recorded three aces at the course last year.

The holes-in-one at Country View give Snowden three on the year, as he recorded one in March at the Silverado Golf Club near Tampa.

That hole was a longer par 3, measuring 159 yards, and Snowden said he used a 9-wood.

“I thought it disappeared by the hole and went over the [green],” he said. “When I got down there it was in the hole.”

Snowden didn’t even see his first hole-in-one, as he was picking up his tee when his playing partner and friend, John Cushman, told him of the good news. The men were also playing together when Snowden recorded his second ace.

Snowden regularly plays in Country View’s men’s league, and in spite of a hot, humid Tuesday, he played 18 holes.

“It’s a lot of fun because everyone who plays in that league has a chance to win,” he said.

Snowden, who has three adult grandchildren, enjoys playing at Country View, which he said can be a challenging course.

“It happens to be a very nice course,” he said. “I just appreciate the course and I’m proud of the [ownership] group.”

He intends to keep playing at Country View until the course closes for the season, and he’ll subsequently pull the clubs out upon returning to Florida.

Ryan McLaughlin

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