A pedestrian was killed in Poland, and authorities believe drowsy driving may be to blame.

Officials are still investigating the deadly crash.

Investigators say the driver of the SUV, 52-year-old Grace Sleeper, told them she had just finished working an overnight and was driving home when she said she fell asleep at the wheel. It happened around 7:30 a.m. Wednesday. Her SUV drifted off the road into a ditch.

Police said pedestrian Richard Knox, 47, of York County was struck and died at the scene. He had been staying with a friend nearby, investigators say.

Dawn Cyr said this is the third time in the eight years she has lived here that a driver went into the ditch and crashed into her driveway.

“They just come right down,” Cyr said. “One got stuck right here. And then about a year and a half ago, they came right up over here and right up over the driveway and ended up over there.”

The same thing happened Wednesday, police said. The SUV hit the driveway and went airborne, landing in Cyr’s yard about 70 feet past her driveway.

Chief Deputy William Gagne said the driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. As is routine, he says a blood alcohol test will be taken.