Transgender intolerance

It doesn’t surprise me that Tri-City Christian academy in Somersworth, New Hampshire, is intolerant of the high school senior Stiles Zuschlag’s gender decision. Though Jesus Christ was presumably a teacher of love, tolerance and acceptance, one sees the opposite in today’s so-called Christians.

Good Luck, young Stiles, in whatever you do.

Kate Tuck


Poliquin brags and blames

Rep. Bruce Poliquin recently came out of hiding. His Sept. 28 BDN OpEd is a list of what he’s accomplished during his tenure in the House of Representatives. His incredible legislation and covering such a huge district, in spite of his difficult history raising a child as a single parent, did not fuel this writer’s sympathy.

Much of what the congressman wrote is “brag and blame” — bragging about his legislation while blaming the Senate for obstructing and ignoring his legislation that affects job creation in Maine. He then descends down the path of how frightened we must be of the awful Iranians and immigrants.

Not once does he use an empathic word for the millions of people devastated by climate change-induced hurricane catastrophes in the American Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. He doesn’t mention the pain and hardships of people who are unable to get help for their addiction disease because of too few treatment options.

It’s very upsetting that he does not address the health care crises. Congress is not working hard enough to strengthen the Affordable Care Act to prevent insurers from dropping out of the individual market, raising rates to unaffordable levels. These increases are forcing many Mainers to drop their health care entirely, creating serious consequences for them and the overall health care system in Maine.

After reading Poliquin’s self-absorbed comments, I thought, perhaps, he should return to his crouching position behind the file cabinet.

Phyllis Coelho


America’s fall into violence

When I was in third grade in the 1950s, one of my classmates accidentally shot his best friend with his dad’s rifle. It made front-page headlines in a sizable city. Reading the tragic news of 59 people dead and more than 500 injured in a mass shooting in Las Vegas, I realize how far we’ve fallen in crime, insanity, tolerance of such massive horror, and allowing conflicts of interest to control our lives through congressional lobbying.

In 477 days since the mass shooting in Orlando, Florida, there have been 521 mass shootings. Maybe we need to begin each day with a silent prayer for those who will be killed by gun violence before day’s end.

The press is also reporting the murderer had more than two dozen guns in his room, tripods to mount them, and a “bump stock,” a device to enable a semi-automatic gun to shoot like a fully automatic gun. These are weapons of mass destruction. Legislation introduced in 2012 to ban bump stocks was denied even a vote.

In America, one can equip a hotel room with enough weapons of war to instill carnage not unlike a battlefield. Except the victims don’t know they’re on one. The killer’s home offered up another couple dozen guns and other weapons of mass destruction. All in the hands of an ordinary citizen.

What does this say about our country? Congress? Our safety for: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

Nancy J. Fitzgerald


America needs to repent

Many people have been duped about the Russian military, and Russia itself. Many still believe that Russia is a sleeping bear. This is totally wrong.

Equally, many people have been duped about the American military. Many think that the American military is far superior to any and all forces. That being said, most of the world would have bet on Goliath when David went out to face him. Just like that, David took Goliath down quickly and efficiently while the rest of the Philistines stood by stunned at what they just saw.

Russia has been slowly building under the radar since we’ve been fighting for years now in Iraq and Afghanistan, accumulating great debt and spending our resources. Russia also accumulated much debt from Afghanistan, but wisely got out in 1989 after 10 years of warfare. Since that time, Russia has been transitioning into strength.

Russia has advanced technology that the mainstream media is not telling the public about.

Some may say that the Constitution made us a great nation, but in essence, that is not so. It was God who made us great. America has been blessed because of God, period. To walk away from God is stupidity; yet, that’s what we’ve been doing as nation for years now.

Make no mistake, Russia is formidable. America needs to repent, and repent now.

Michael Imhof


Listen to anthem protesters

I am writing in regards to Mark Davis’ Sept. 28 OpEd, “NFL players should respect nation that has blessed them.” The OpEd in question has focused on the perceived disrespect the players of the NFL have given to the United States by bending the knee during the national anthem.

I believe that no one starts any disagreement with a protest. Everyone starts by saying, “Would you please notice me and listen to me? This doesn’t feel right.” It’s only when we don’t hear someone that they try other ways to be heard. By the time we see a protest, it means we have failed to listen to them for a very long time, and this was the last thing, in a long line of things, they tried to get our attention.

Therefore, asking a protester to return to a method of trying to be heard that we previously were able to ignore won’t stop a protest. Therefore, stopping protests such as this can be incredibly easy. We must see people when they first ask to be seen and listen the first time they say, “this doesn’t feel right.” We must strive to see the world from their point of view, believe their worldview even if it’s different than yours, and honestly address their concerns.

If these men kneeling during the national anthem angers you, try listening to them. The results may surprise you.

Hanna Karas