Brunswick police say they have identified the local resident who left this flier on a car belonging to Brunswick Town Councilor Kathy Wilson. Credit: Courtesy of Kathy Wilson

BRUNSWICK, Maine – Councilwoman Kathy Wilson received an apology for the anti-LGBTQ letter she was sent, but she believes those who spread hate are still being encouraged.

Wilson found the hate mail back in September at her home and notified the police.

Wilson found out who wrote the letter and met up with the man. She says they discussed political beliefs and the man apologized.

She says this hasn’t stopped others from sending her hate mail, and feels those who spread hate speech are encouraged by the federal government.

“They feel they have permission to express hate, not just for the LGBT community, but also for racism and many other ways of discriminating. I think our government now is not doing anything, in fact I think they are encouraging it.”

Wilson says she has also received several letters of support since the incident.