An eastern brown snake as seen in this public domain photo from Nerrigundah, Australia. A five-foot-long snake of the same species was found at a cafe and was first mistaken for a toy. Credit: Peter Woodward | Public Domain

The owner of a cafe leaned in for a closer look at what he thought was a toy snake left in a potted plant as a joke. Then it moved.

According to The Newcastle Herald in Australia, the owner of the local Lexies on the Beach cafe, Nick Sovechles, said he started to reach for the “toy” animal when it turned its head.

“A lot of the customers actually really enjoyed it, the kids really liked it,” Sovechles told the Herald.

The approximately five-foot-long eastern brown snake was taken away by local animal control officers, but after some initial excitement, scared away some of the usual lunch business, the restaurant’s manager told the newspaper.

The eastern brown snake is one of the world’s most venomous snakes, and is reportedly responsible for nearly 60 percent of all snakebite deaths in Australia.