The lower Gallatin River near Manhattan, Montana, a small town of nearly 1,700 people. Credit: Mike Cline | Public Domain

Glen Clements can reportedly elect himself mayor of Manhattan.

That’s Manhattan, Montana, and he’s the only registered write-in candidate for the position in the nearly 1,700-person town, according to the Bozeman Daily Chronicle.

Under Montana law, because Clements is the only registered write-in candidate and there are no formal candidates on the ballot, no other write-in votes can be counted, the Chronicle reported.

“As long as he votes for himself, he’ll be the mayor,” Charlotte Mills, clerk of Gallatin County, Montana, told the newspaper.

Had the Navy veteran declared himself a formal candidate, all write-in votes for other candidates would have been counted, the Chronicle reported. Clements has lived in the town for six years, according to the newspaper.