Sgt. Thomas Burgess of the Cumberland Police Department prepares a meal for an elderly resident after finding the man had no food and hadn't eaten for a day. Credit: Courtesy | Cumberland Police Department

A Cumberland police officer discovered a local elderly resident was running low on food and hadn’t eaten all day, so he decided to do something about it, according to a post on the department’s Facebook page.

Sgt. Thomas Burgess found the elderly man hungry during a check-in on Tuesday, according to the post.

“Sgt. Burgess took it upon himself to deliver the man some food from our local food pantry and cook him a nice dinner,” the department post explained, in part.

The post, which featured a photograph of Burgess preparing food in the kitchen, was shared nearly 700 times by Thursday afternoon, with many community members commenting that they would like to help out.

The department posted that Burgess reached out to local organizations and the man’s family members to ensure he would have enough food in the future. He also cleaned the man’s refrigerator and some dishes, washed some laundry and took out the trash while he was there, local police said.

Seth Koenig

Seth has nearly a decade of professional journalism experience and writes about the greater Portland region.