Opinions on what constitutes a great breakfast sandwich can be bitterly divided. Some prefer to keep it simple: egg and cheese on an English muffin. Some like it higher end, like on a fresh-baked croissant, with top-quality bacon or sliced avocado. And still others like it packed with melted cheese and sausage.

Whatever your preference, there’s a breakfast sandwich in the Bangor area for you. Here’s five of our favorites: all different styles for different tastes, priced reasonably for a fast, delicious breakfast.

Frank’s Bakery, 199 State St.

Frank’s Bakery has got its breakfast sandwich game on lockdown. The egg is cooked just enough that it’s not runny, and not dry, either. The cheese is just melted, not goopy. The bacon is crispy. And, most important, the homemade biscuit — and you need to get it on a biscuit — is light and fluffy, and yet slightly crispy on the outside. Even a deluxe one with avocado is still only $5. They’re served all day long and they’re perfect. Plus, the folks at Frank’s are just about the nicest people on the planet. Good coffee, too.

Dysart’s Restaurant, 530 Coldbrook Road Hermon, and 1100 Broadway, Bangor

How do we love the Egg McRuth? Let us count the ways. First, you can get it as a regular breakfast sandwich (egg, cheese and meat on buttered, toasted homemade Dysart’s bread). Or, you can do what the pros do, and get a French Toast Egg McRuth. Yes, that’s egg, cheese and meat between two slices of French toast, with maple syrup dipping sauce. It’s like a hybrid of a Monte Cristo and an old-fashioned breakfast sandwich. Plus, Dysart’s serves breakfast all day, so it’s a perfectly acceptable dinner.

Fork & Spoon, 76 Main St.

You might think the secret to a great breakfast sandwich is in the fillings, but it’s not — it’s in the bread. And the crispy, crusty, buttery, house-made croissants at Fork & Spoon are what sets its breakfast sandwiches apart. Though the thick-cut, smoky bacon is nothing to sniff at either. They do house-made English muffins, too, if you’d prefer that over a croissant.

Bagel Central, 33 Central St.

No list of Bangor breakfast sandwiches is complete without Bagel Central. The Bagelwich is a longtime favorite of downtown denizens — served on the bagel of your choosing, with cheese and a fluffy folded egg, and an optional meat of your choosing. It can sometimes be a rather messy affair, overflowing with fillings, but who among us is really that sad about getting covered in bacon, egg and cheese? Grab some napkins.

Logical Sip, 103 Center St. Brewer

Just across the bridge in Brewer, Logical Sip offers up lots of tasty home-baked treats, but their breakfast sandwiches are a hidden secret. It’s one of the only bakeries in the Bangor region aside from Bagel Central that make them in-house. Fluffy scrambled eggs, sharp cheddar and ham. Or, avocado, for the vegetarians among us.

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