Actor Cheech Marin (L) and wife Natasha (R) arrive at the National Council of La Raza ALMA Awards in Pasadena, California September 16, 2012. Credit: GUS RUELAS | REUTERS

The comic duo Cheech and Chong, who rose to fame in the 1970s and 80s with routines centered around smoking marijuana, shared an apparent Facebook post by a Standish town councilor advocating for the medicinal use of the drug.

With the famous comedians’ boost, the video post, which seems to show cannabis oil calming a boy’s seizure, has been viewed nearly 13 million times.

The original post was apparently made by Standish Town Councilor Peter Starostecki, who last month was the only councilor to vote against extending a moratorium on retail marijuana shops for another six months.

He was also reportedly one of two to vote against a more permanent ban on Nov. 14.

The Lakes Region Weekly has reported that Starostecki has a 7-year-old son who takes cannabis oil medicinally. The video posted on Nov. 10 shows a child having an oil rubbed on his gums while having a seizure, and then the boy’s seizure subsiding.

In the post, he writes that he moved to Maine because medicinal use of the drug is legal here, and lamented that Standish has called for a ban on marijuana.

Hundreds of supportive commenters began weighing in after the post was shared, first by a popular Medical Cannabis page, then by Cheech and Chong.

“Anyone who is against medical marijuana needs to watch this and other videos like this and if it doesn’t change their mind then they should be checked for a pulse,” one commenter wrote.

Richard “Cheech” Marin and Tommy Chong starred in the 1978 cult classic movie “Up In Smoke,” among other films and comedy albums. Marin has gone on to star in the CBS television police drama “Nash Bridges,” as well as a number of popular animated movies, such as “The Lion King” and “Cars.”

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Seth Koenig

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