More than 15 packages, most of which are believed to have been Christmas presents, were stolen from the Howland Post Office sometime overnight Wednesday, police said.

When post office employees reported to work around 8:30 a.m. Thursday, they found package remnants strewn across the floor, the contents of which had been stolen, and noticed that other packages had been rummaged through, Maine State Trooper Adam Gould said.

Some of the open packages still had receipts inside for items that included shoes, clothes and a variety of electronics, Gould said, leading police to believe they were intended to be Christmas presents.

Police believe two burglars entered the lobby — which is open 24 hours a day — and broke into the storage room, where packages are kept, Gould said. Police are still working to identify the suspects.

Thefts of packages from post offices around the holidays are not uncommon, Gould said.

“Over the next month, it wouldn’t be surprising if another [post office] was hit,” he said.

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