Maine deserves better than Poliquin

The U.S. House of Representatives recently passed a 440-page bill, in just two weeks, with the support of Rep. Bruce Poliquin. A Nov. 17 article in The Washington Post stated:

“Big businesses win. The House bill cuts the top rate that large corporations pay from 35 percent to 20 percent, the biggest one-time drop in the big-business tax rate ever. It is a permanent change that does not expire.”

“The rich do very well. The estate tax, which is paid only when property and other assets worth over $5.5 million are passed on to heirs, doubles to about $11 million in 2018. And the estate tax goes away entirely in 2024,” it added.

By 2018, many deductions will be eliminated including: medical expenses, student loan interest, tax preparation fees, including many others. After 2022, “more and more people start to jump from the 12 percent tax bracket to the 25 percent bracket … Overall, the Tax Policy Center found that half the benefits of the bill go to the top 1 percent by 2027,” the post reported

This tax bill will greatly benefit those whose incomes far exceed the vast majority of Poliquin’s constituents. His vote on tax legislation is the latest example of his continued failure to represent Maine’s 2nd Congressional District. The values and beliefs of the hard-working people of Maine are not reflected by Poliquin’s record.

Mainer’s deserve better. Join me in voting for change in 2018.

Beth Clifford


Tragedy, America style

Republican federal tax cuts and resulting cuts to funding for essential services (such as education) trickle down as costs to cash-strapped states, where Republican state tax cuts result in cuts to school funding.

So, localities have to pick up the slack if there is going to be public education at all. And now the new Republican tax plan will take away from teachers the tax deduction for buying basic classroom supplies out of their own pockets. Because baby needs a new mink or offshore account or public office or whatever it is the rolling-in-it filthy rich do with all that money.

Up next, how “destroying” the Johnson amendment will turn our houses of worship into PACs to recycle money into the political system. Because Citizens United hasn’t done enough harm.

So tell me, who needs the Russians to undermine, the North Koreans to blow up, or the Chinese to replace the “homeland”? American tragedy — Made in the USA. The fun never stops.

Annlinn Kruger

Bar Harbor

Trump admires dictators

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson kicking out high-level employees in his department as well as not sending a high level official to accompany Ivanka Trump on her trip to India may be the consequence of the 90-minute discussion that President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin had recently. Current actions would appear to be a process of government “deconstruction” and a road to a possible “dictatorship.”

It is a fact that Trump does admire dictators. Once a dictatorship is implemented, the Republicans are not necessarily going to be in charge. Both Trump and Putin are credited in having astronomic IQ.

Bohdan Slabyj


Greed undermines nation

A political system that permits the rich to get richer and the poor to get poorer is not only wrong morally but also wrong spiritually. It is based upon greed and leads to criminal activities.

Nations torn apart by greed have experienced revolutions and civil wars. This country cannot claim an exemption from this. Nations reap what they sow. The direction our country is heading should be good if greed is not allowed to take over. If it is allowed to take over, God forbid what the future holds for our nation.

Irvin Dube