NAPLES, Maine — A young woman was trapped in her burning car after a violent crash in Naples on Tuesday, but two men pulled her to safety.

Shortly after midnight Tuesday, Alicia Szostak, 25, of Windham was driving south on Route 35 in Naples when she spotted a deer in the road.

“I just remember reacting and jerking the wheel as hard as I could, and then trying to over correct again,” Szostak said. “And I remember feeling [the car] go up on two wheels.”

She hit two trees and her vehicle ended up on its side. She said her legs felt like Jell-O, and she was trapped in the car.

“And then I see the glow of fire start, and I’m trying to get out of there,” Szostak said.

She said a car stopped and she heard two men talking about how to get her out. One of the men climbed inside the burning vehicle to pull her out with the other man’s help.

“I hear the door,” Szostak said. “And they reclined my seat back. Next thing I know they’re just pulling me right out of there.”

Szostak and her husband said those two men saved her life, but the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office said one of them left without being identified.

The sheriff’s office is asking locals for help in identifying the good Samaritan who helped pull Alicia out of this car. They want recognize him for his bravery.

“Thank you for stopping,” Szostak said. “Thank you for checking. And your urgency. And just caring. And your quick response in getting me out of there and safe. I don’t think I would be alive if it wasn’t for them.”

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