Anthony Jones, 26. Credit: Journal Tribune

A Standish man who entered a Limington home on Monday afternoon made the wrong choice, for a couple of reasons.

One is that Anthony Jones, 26, was arrested and faces a burglary charge. The second is that the house he entered without permission is that of a York County Jail Corrections Officer — who was home at the time, getting ready to go to work.

York County Sheriff Bill King said Sean Wilson was preparing for his shift at the York County Jail around 2:30 p.m. Monday when he heard his door open with a crash.

Wilson was with two of his children, both of whom are under 4 years-old. He was waiting for his three older children, one of whom is of babysitting age, to return home so he could go to work, the sheriff said.

King said Wilson noticed that Jones was sweating profusely and bleeding from the mouth as he approached him.

“Jones was rambling about people chasing him and appeared to have excited delirium,” said King in a news release. He said the corrections officer yelled at his two children to get into a back bedroom and used verbal commands to instruct Jones to lie on the floor and remain still.

“Jones ignored the commands and started walking toward the back rooms, where the children were located, and Wilson put the man on the floor while calling 911,” the sheriff wrote. “Wilson continued to restrain Anthony Jones until deputies arrived and arrested him for burglary.”

King said deputies learned that Jones was wanted for allegedly violating his probation stemming from a domestic incident in Cumberland County.

The sheriff said Jones was taken to a hospital where he was admitted for observation due to his condition and is scheduled to be booked at the jail once he is discharged.

King said Wilson does not know Jones and does not recall ever encountering him at the jail.

“It appears at this time that Jones simply picked the wrong house to burglarize,” King said.

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