Tax relief predictions

The Associated Press article titled, “GOP tax plan gives middle class tax relief, but that could fade away,” on Dec. 28 edition’s front page led me to think: when the GOP tax relief fades away as the article says, maybe former President Barack Obama’s promise of $2,500 savings in medical expenses under the “Affordable” Care Act, also known as Obamacare, will finally become a reality.

We’re all still waiting for Obama’s promises to come true. So maybe the prognostications regarding the future of the GOP tax plan might be as prophetically true as everything the Democrats promised us eight years ago.

William Chapman

I’m not a paid activist

I am an activist. I visit the local offices of my members of Congress, write letters, send emails, call, attend rallies and marches. I am not paid. I am guided by my own conscience and by thoughts of others who have clear, informed and reasoned opinions. I do not act at the direction of any one person or organization, which may or may not receive so-called dark money.

There are, I believe, thousands of people like me. As one voice working peacefully, I may garner an ear for a brief period of time. As one voice among many working peacefully, I can be both heard and understood and may even cause change.

I believe that every citizen in this nation of ours should have decent housing, a secure supply of nutritious food, clean water, public education, inexpensive and quality health care. I believe we should support and keep promises that have been made, that immigration laws need to be fair, that we need to support our children with SNAP and CHIP, that we need to have decent jobs that pay well with time off to play, and that we need regulations and laws to protect what is shown to be neglected and abused, be it people, animals, or our environment.

And I, an unpaid volunteer who was taught to question and reason and think and check sources, am willing to work with others to achieve these goals in our nation. I invite you to join me.

Jayne Ashworth

Take back Congress’ war authority

For 17 years, our country has engaged in endless war under the authorization for the use of military force granted to the president by Congress in 2001.

This abdication by Congress of its constitutional mandate, under Article I, Section 8, to be the only authority to declare war has provided a blank check for three presidents to bomb and invade any country on the globe. To date, 37 military actions in 14 different countries have taken place under the cover of this authorization.

For 16 years, there also has been a continuous weekly silent vigil for peace in Houlton, without a week missed — one of a dozen around Maine.

As 2018 begins, it is surely time for Congress to take back its mandated sole responsibility to declare war. Please encourage our four representatives to Congress to make this effort a priority in the new year.

Harrison and Marilyn Roper