Robert R. Trundy Credit: Courtesy of Oxford County Jail

Deer hunter Robert Trundy pleaded not guilty Friday in the Oct. 28 fatal shooting of a Hebron woman on her property, according to the Lewiston Sun Journal.

Trundy, 38, of Hebron denied charges of manslaughter, failure to render aid and to report a hunting accident in Oxford County District Court in South Paris Friday, the Sun Journal reported.

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He was indicted Dec. 15 after he allegedly shot 34-year-old Karen Wrentzel on the opening day of residents-only deer hunting season while Wrentzel was digging on her own land.

According to court documents, Trundy told Game Wardens that after the shooting, he realized he had shot a person and was not able to render her aid. Instead, he called his father, Ralph Trundy, with whom he was hunting.

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Wrentzel’s body was found about 200 feet from where wardens determined Robert Trundy fired his rifle. The State Medical Examiner’s Office ruled her dead of a gunshot wound to her lower torso.

Robert Trundy’s lawyer, Lewiston-based Scott Lynch, has said Trundy did what “every Little League coach is trained to do” in dealing with a medical emergency. Ralph applied CPR to Wrentzel, and told his son to call 911, Lynch said.

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Trundy’s next court appearance is March 9, the report said.

If convicted of manslaughter, he could face a penalty of up to 30 years in prison and a fine of up to $50,000. He could spend up to five years in prison and face a fine of up to $5,000 for the count of the failure to render aid. He would be legally barred from possessing firearms for the rest of his life if convicted on either charge.

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