John "Paddy" Boyorak clears snow from the roof of his Hampden home in this BDN file photo.

Police are reminding people to remove snow off their roof while the weather is still relatively warm.

The Kennebunkport police posted on Facebook urging people to remove snow off roofs before Friday, when it is forecasted to rain, which will add weight to the thick blankets of snow covering many roofs.

“The rain soaked snow will eventually freeze and become solid,” wrote the police department. “Take care of it now to avoid problems.”

The Maine Emergency Management Agency advises homeowners to consider hiring someone to remove the snow from their roof or at least have someone assist them, and to avoid taking dangerous risks.

MEMA further advises homeowners to use a snow rake for pitched roofs, and stand back and rake small amounts at a time to avoid snow falling on top of them.

When raking snow off roofs, MEMA advises shaving the snow down to 2 or 3 inches on the roof instead of scraping the roof clean, to avoid risking damage to shingles.

An aluminum rake will conduct electricity, MEMA warns and further advises to check where power lines enter the house and stay well away from that area while using a roof rake.

A cubic foot of ice weighs about 62 pounds, according to MEMA. MEMA officials recommend removing large icicles carefully if they’re hanging over doorways and walkways and consider knocking down icicles through windows using a broomstick.

MEMA officials recommend wearing protective headgear and goggles when removing snow or ice from roofs.

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