Richard the pony has cancer in his penis that's been left untreated. Volunteers in Bridgton are hoping to raise $3,000 for surgery. Credit: CBS 13

A pony in Bridgton is living a life no animal should have to, and a rescue shelter is hoping to change that.

Almost a month ago, the animal rescue unit of Bridgton took in 15-year-old Richard from a horse dealer out of Charleston, Maine.

A doctor at the Third Coast Equine Veterinary Services says Richard has cancer in his penis that’s been left untreated.

Brogan Horton, who’s been caring for Richard for a few weeks now, says his situation is becoming worse.

“Unfortunately, the amount of drainage that’s coming out of all the different holes in the organ just drain out onto his back legs and freeze,” Horton said.

The pain is unbearable, which is why volunteers are hoping to raise money for surgery using the online fundraising website

“We’re trying to take off inches of ugly mass that have been basically left on to fester,” Horton said. “We’re going to take that off and basically create a new little Richard for him.”

The $3,000 procedure will be the difference between life or death for the pony.

Brogan says without it they’ll have to euthanize Richard because it’s no way to live.

“Normally we don’t do this, that’s a really high expense for one horse, but he suffered for so long he deserves some time when he’s not suffering,” Horton said.

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