The town manager of Jackman, responding to a backlash on social media and some selectmen questioning his pro-white views expressed on a website, said he expects to lose his job soon.

“I don’t know anything yet, but I strongly suspect that I’ll be needing to be doing something else soon,” Tom Kawczynski, 37, told the Bangor Daily News Saturday morning.

Kawczynski said Friday that he wants to preserve the region’s white majority and keep out Muslims but rejected the idea that his views are racist, saying people of different racial backgrounds are welcome in his movement, as long as their culture is “rooted in Western civilization.”

He also expressed his views in detail on the New Albion website and on the social network site Gab.

Kawczynski confirmed to the BDN that he posted the following message on Gab on Saturday morning.

“I’m guessing I should be working on my resume as my public sector career looks likely to draw to a close in one form or another. Do any gabbers need a smart writer who has plenty of skills to do independent work from home? I plan on writing a book about this all now.”

He has self-published books.

Selectmen Jayme French and Charles Lumbert did not immediately respond to calls for comment about Kawczynski’s views or whether the town manager would be asked to resign.

Maine Public reached two Jackman selectmen Friday afternoon. After reading several posts, Lumbert said selectmen were “concerned enough to contact the town’s attorney, who advised them not to discuss them publicly.”

The local Chamber of Commerce’s Facebook page has been active with comments decrying Kawczynski’s viewpoints.

The Chamber also denounced them in a press release late Saturday afternoon.

“We the business community of Jackman, would like to state that we do not condone the current view of Tom Kawczynski. We believe in American values of freedom, diversity and inclusiveness. At this time, we are calling on our selectmen to take appropriate measures and protect our community for which so many have come to know and love,” wrote Gary Hall, president of the Jackman-Moose River Region Chamber of Commerce.

“To ensure due process is followed, we ask for your patience as this issue is resolved,” he added.

Kawczynski moved to Maine from New Hampshire last year. He was active in the Trump campaign in New Hampshire.

He was hired as manager from among 14 applicants after multiple interviews and a background check, according to a news release from the town. He started his job last June and said his views on race and culture did not come up during the interview process.

Kawczynski told the BDN on Saturday that he had no interest in further talking to the media.

“You guys [the media] managed to destroy me, congratulations,” he said. “I’d appreciate it if you let the thing die so I can at least exit with some dignity.”

BDN writer Jake Bleiberg contributed to this report.

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