The hilarious outtakes from a Dysart’s commercial about chicken pot pie served as the inspiration for a Saturday Night Live skit that aired Jan. 27 on NBC, starring the famous comedians Will Ferrell and Kate McKinnon.

“I eat this chicken pot pie five times a week,” Ferrell says at the start of the spoof, in which he plays the part of Hermon resident Jack Palmer.

“We had no idea this was happening,” said John Mason, general manager for the Dysart’s restaurants in Bangor and Hermon, who found out about the SNL skit Sunday morning and pulled it up on YouTube. “This is awesome.”

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The spoof, titled “Commercial Shoot – SNL,” is available on SNL’s YouTube channel, where it had already been viewed more than 90,000 times by 10 a.m. Sunday. SNL is a renowned Emmy-award winning comedy show currently in its 42nd season and filmed at a studio in New York City.

The SNL skit is based on a blooper reel that Dysart’s published in 2012, of two steadfast Dysart’s customers Jack and Sonja Palmer. In the original blooper reel, the Palmers struggle to say a tongue-twisting line for the commercial — “baked in a buttery, flaky crust.”

In the SNL skit, the line is changed to “baked in a crispy pastry crust,” and the faux establishment’s name is Dickinson’s Roadside Diner. Many of the details of the outtakes are the same, including the costumes. True to form, Ferrell is wearing a plaid shirt almost identical to the one Jack Palmer wore in the commercial, and McKinnon is wearing a maroon top, just as Sonja Palmer did. The actors are also wearing wigs and cosmetics to look like the older couple.

Of course, SNL takes it a step farther, as is typical of the comedy show. Ferrell and McKinnon not only mess up the lines, but replace words with profanities and nonsense. A word of caution: the skit isn’t for kids, but it is certainly a confirmation that Dysart’s “buttery, flaky crust” bloopers never get old.

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