A cat and a bald eagle face off on Georges Pond in Franklin recently. The eagle eventually decided that discretion was called for, and flew away, roosting in a nearby tree. Credit: Chuck Leavitt

Living as close to the woods and waters as many of us do, Mainers get accustomed to interacting with wildlife.

Even, it seems, if the “Mainer” in question is just an average suburban house cat.

Meet Gypsi, a white kitty that lives near Georges Pond in Franklin. Gypsi seems to love the outdoors, like many Mainers. And Gypsi seems to embody the rugged, fearless Maine spirit that many of us wish we had.

Even when we’re facing down a potentially deadly predator.

On Monday, Donna Leavitt of Ellsworth was visiting family on the pond and noticed a bald eagle out on the ice. She said four eagles frequent the pond, so sightings aren’t rare at all.

She wasn’t the only one who took note of the big bird. Gypsi was quickly on the case.

“The cat is the neighbor’s cat who my sister-in-law’s been really worried about,” Leavitt explained. “She was afraid the eagle would take off with it. I kept saying, ‘No, the cat’s too big.’”

But on Monday, Leavitt feared Gypsi and the eagle were going to finally find out which one actually ruled Georges Pond.

“The cat walked right up to the eagle,” she said. “Walked right up to him. I was like, ‘I can’t believe that.’ Then he just took off and flew up to a tree.”

In the photo her husband, Chuck Leavitt, took, Gypsi appears to be stalking the birds, which doesn’t appear to be amused at all.

The eagle did stick around, and Donna Leavitt captured some cool video of the bird. We’ll share that in a second instalment.

A hint: The eagle does eventually find a snack.

But you can relax: The snack isn’t an average suburban house cat named Gypsi.

Stay tuned.

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John Holyoke

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