A cat and a bald eagle face off on Georges Pond in Franklin recently. The eagle eventually decided that discretion was called for, and flew away, roosting in a nearby tree. Credit: Chuck Leavitt

If at first, you don’t succeed (in finding yourself a nice fluffy snack), try, try again.

That seemed to be the motto of the eagle that Donna Leavitt watched at a relative’s camp in Franklin on Monday.

As we reported in a previous story, the eagle first squared off with a house cat named Gypsi, but eventually decided it didn’t want to tangle with the fearless kitty.

[A Maine house cat and bald eagle vie for ice supremacy]

Then it was onto a more eagle-friendly meal: A fish that it found frozen in the ice.

“[My sister-in-law] threw the fish out there for the eagles, and they never [ate] it,” Leavitt said.

Until Monday, that is. That’s when the eagle walked across the ice, pecked its way through the crust, and pulled a perfectly preserved snack to the surface.

“He probably could smell it,” Leavitt said. “He reached in and I thought it was a live fish at first … then he took it and flew off.”

And that, as they say, is the rest of the story.

Worth considering: Perhaps Gypsi the cat was looking for the same tasty morsel during the stare-down with the eagle.

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