Wasteful military parade

I write in protest of President Donald Trump’s reportedly ordered military parade. Such a show reminds the world and us most of all of Adolf Hitler’s displays and of Vladimir Putin’s.

The foulest aspect of the parade, however, is the cost — millions of dollars badly needed for veterans’ health care, including the treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Will the homeless veterans in Washington be allowed to watch? Will the Republicans continue to stagger in their cowardice?

Sarah Whalen


Update Maine’s bottle bill

The recent BDN editorial regarding LD 1703, An Act To Create Equity for Wine and Spirits Container Deposits, missed the mark in a few ways. This legislation simply provides for a uniform refund value of 5 cents per container for beverages covered by the Maine deposit system. The focus is on achieving equal treatment for wine and spirits containers and does not in any way change the existing container redemption program.

It does, however, leave approximately $6 million in the pockets of Maine consumers that they don’t have to have sitting in their garage, shed or porch waiting to get back while someone else unnecessarily holds their money. There is simply no justification for charging higher deposits on wine and spirits containers.

In testimony we presented to the Maine Joint Committee on Environment and Natural Resources, we demonstrated that it is not based on container size, container material, number of servings or anything else that might be sensible. As a strictly environmental question, glass is glass, plastic is plastic and what originally filled the container should not impact the fee charged.

This change would have minimal, if any, cost to the state, provide for a uniform redemption value for all beverage containers, eliminate any confusion about what amount should be charged at retail, leave more money in the pocket of Maine consumers and allow the state to better compete with New Hampshire. It deserves support.

Jay M. Hibbard

Vice president government relations

Distilled Spirits Council


Wind storm response

Last year, the Maine Public Utilities Commission approved an 18 percent rate increase for Central Maine Power Co. During the last cycle, our bills inexplicably more than doubled.

Recently, Central Maine Power appeared before a legislative committee in an attempt to bill customers for some of the cost of the October wind storm that left 500,000 without power for up to nine days.

Isn’t it their responsibility to keep the lines safe and clear? Why should we pay for their failure to do their jobs. After all what do we pay them for?

Nancy Sosman


Legislature thwarts voters’ will

The Bangor Daily News reported on Feb. 7 that “Gov. LePage finds ways to block access to naloxone.”

Perhaps tomorrow’s headlines should read, the Legislature finds ways to block the sale of Acapulco gold or the installation of ranked-choice voting system.

It appears the Legislature is challenged to implement what the voters have asked it to do via referendum. Maine voters have stumped their chumps. It is obvious the Legislature does not want to implement these two items, stalling by keeping discussion in committees. They have lost the emphasis to expedite the results from the ballot box.

Thomas Bartlett


Trump’s military parade

Instead of an expensive militaristic parade funded by the taxpayers, can’t we get a few of Donald Trump’s buddies to cough up some bucks from their new tax benefit largess and get him a shiny new fire engine or a bunch of rubber duckies so that he can use up the rest of his available “executive time”?

Irwin Brown