There was just enough snow for sledding at Payson Park in Portland in this Jan. 20 BDN file photo taken during the WinterKids Welcome to Winter Festival. WinterKids puts on the annual event dedicated to getting children active outdoors during the cold months. School children on February vacation this week can expect temperatures in the 60s and even as high as 70 in some parts of Maine Wednesday. Credit: Troy R. Bennett

Mainers are just barely dug out of the latest snowstorm and they might be about to see record warm temperatures.

WCSH-TV reports warm temperatures are coming this week, and daily records as well as the highest recorded temperatures for the month of February might be toppled. Portland’s record high for the month is 64 degrees, from 1963, while Bangor’s is 60 degrees, from 1937.

The warm front is expected to arrive on Wednesday. Parts of western Maine could potentially see 70 degree temperatures. Cooler air will then return, and more snow is still possible in the coming weeks.

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