Ralphy Conant, a cemetery groundskeeper in South Portland, was honored for saving another man's life in a ceremony this week. Conant saw a man who had fallen from his wheelchair during a bitterly cold stretch in January, and police say the man would not have survived much longer. Credit: CBS 13

A cemetery groundskeeper in South Portland was honored for saving another man’s life.

Ralphy Conant works at the Calvary Cemetery.

In January during the deep freeze, Conant was driving through the cemetery when he spotted something behind the maintenance garage.

It was a man who had fallen from his wheelchair and couldn’t get back up.

Conant rushed to help him and then called police.

Police say the man wouldn’t have survived much longer in the cold.

Conant says he was just glad to help.

“I’m in shock mode right now. I’m honored. it feels good that I was able to help a man. I never really viewed it that way at first and so all of this was going on,” Conant said.

The man Conant helped visits the cemetery often and rides through on his motorized wheelchair.

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