A baby seal — thin, sneezing and roughed up from last week’s storm — was rescued from the side of the road in New Hampshire.

Around 7 a.m. Monday, Seacoast Science Center Marine Mammal Rescue was called by Seabrook police to Route 286, where a gray seal weanling lay in the roadside brush beneath a guardrail, according to a Facebook post.

He was found not far from the water and showed signs of internal bleeding, with “loose stool with copious blood in it,” the post said. Last week’s nor’easter appeared to have “battered him,” according to the post, washing him on the road where he was left wheezing and lethargic.

After rescuers “herded” the seal to the parking lot of a nearby lobster pound, a rescue truck brought him to the National Marine Life Center for treatment. He was given the name Saco.

While the Monday Facebook post described his initial prognosis is “extremely guarded and unknown,” the Seacoast Science center tweeted Wednesday that his condition has improved in the two days since his rescue.

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Callie Ferguson

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