WISCASSET, Maine — A Jackson man who allegedly assaulted accused murderer Julio C a rr illo on Saturday at Two Bridges Regional Jail reportedly told him, “I’ll kill you, you baby killer,” as he beat his fellow inmate until he was unconscious.

Paul S. Andrews, 34, is charged with misdemeanor assault and criminal threatening as a result of the incident, which sent Carrillo to Mid Coast Hospital in Brunswick. Andrews pleaded not guilty at his arraignment Wednesday afternoon at Lincoln County Courthouse. He appeared by videoconference from Two Bridges Regional Jail.

Carrillo, 51, and his wife, Sharon Carrillo, 33, were charged last month with the murder of Sharon’s 10-year-old daughter, Marissa Kennedy, in Stockton Springs.

Andrews was in jail following an arrest in late 2016 for allegedly raping a girl younger than 12 years old. Police said he assaulted the girl over a period between 2015 and 2016 and charged him with 14 counts of gross sexual assault.

He jumped Carrillo in a “special management area” of the jail, a smaller, specialized cell block for higher-risk inmates, Lt. Michael Murphy said.

In an affidavit, Detective Terry Michaud of the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office wrote, “Paul told me he had seen articles, in the newspaper, involving Julio over the past three or four days and that the girl had told him she didn’t want anyone else going through what she had gone through.”

Andrews admitted that while in the day area with Carrillo, he attacked the man, kicking him once in the head and apparently causing him to lose consciousness. He also allegedly admitted punching Carrillo “out of his chair,” and while he doesn’t recall the entire incident, he reported he does remember another inmate yelling at him “during the last two punches.”

“During the time Paul is punching Julio, [the other inmate] told me Paul was yelling, ‘I’ll kill you, you baby killer, I’ll kill you,’” Michaud wrote.

Carrillo was taken to Mid Coast Hospital with bleeding from the nose and ears, and he was treated and released with bruising and swelling to the face, according to the affidavit.

Carrillo’s attorney, Steven Peterson of Rockport, said Wednesday that jail administrators had taken steps to separate Carrillo and Andrews.

“He said they’ve made different arrangements where he is, and he’s secure at this point,” Peterson said, adding that Carrillo was “comfortable” with his safety.

Andrews’ next court appearance is scheduled for April 9 in Wiscasset.

BDN staff writer Nick McCrea contributed to this report.

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