Hannaford Supermarket officials and the union representing workers at its South Portland distribution center reached a new, three-year contract that was overwhelmingly ratified last Wednesday night.

The terms are the same as those originally offered by Delhaize America Distribution LLC to United Food and Commercial Workers Local 1445, the union working at the Hannaford distribution center in South Portland, when their contract ran out on Feb. 17.

The workers held a 24-hour strike on Feb. 21, then went back to work as the union and supermarket representatives started negotiations in late February.

Existing workers will get a $1.50 hourly raise over three years, amounting to 50 cents per hour for the year starting Feb. 17, when the contract ran out, and in 2019 and 2020, according to UFCW Local 1445 President Jeff Bollen.

“The new contract was ratified overwhelmingly last Wednesday night,” he said. “The vote was 150 to 38.” He said about 250 union workers are employed at the plant.

Neither union representatives, nor company officials responded last week to repeated requests for comment on the talks, until Monday.

Health coverage, another issue when the two sides started talks Feb. 26, will remain the same. The only big concession by the union, Bollen said, is that new workers, who currently make $20 per hour, will now start at $16 per hour.

“The workers are happy, but I’m not completely happy,” Bollen said. “We didn’t get relief for some health care costs that are high cost. But we did get the 50-cent raise this year retroactive to the date the contract ran out in the middle of February.”

Delhaize America Distribution spokesperson Christy Phillips-Brown said the union accepted Delhaize America Distribution’s original offer, “which was a fair and competitive agreement. Delhaize America Distribution is pleased the situation is now resolved and looks forward to continuing to serve its customers.”

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