Therrien for Senate District 6

As a Rotarian, I have known Christina Therrien for several years. During that time, I have worked on several projects including Down East Community Health gardens, planting of trees throughout Machias as part of the downtown revitalization program, and the Bold Coast Sea and Sky and Lobster Drop festivals.

For the past year, I have served as Rotary vice president during Therrien’s term as president. I have gotten to know Therrien very well through these collaborations and have been impressed with her energy and commitment to the Down East area. Therrien has been tireless in her support of the Downeast Correctional Facility and many other initiatives impacting communities throughout Senate District 6.

I believe that Therrien will provide a strong voice for an area that seems to be consistently forgotten by Augusta, and she will continue to work tirelessly toward bringing “life the way it should be” to our little corner of Maine.

I urge you to join me in supporting Therrien, a Democrat, for Maine Senate District 6.

Dale E. Miller
East Machias

St. Clair for Congress

Lucas St. Clair, born and raised in rural Maine, is just who we need representing us in Washington, D.C. He truly understands the issues facing rural Mainers. He is an avid hunter, fisherman and outdoorsman. As a parent of young children, he cares about education and understands the critical need for a well-educated workforce. He has run a small business in the district. He understands the impact of climate change on our environment and stands ready to restore safeguards to save our planet and its natural resources.

I am particularly pleased that he supports single-payer health care, a Medicare for all plan, and will defend Social Security. He is committed to universal prekindergarten and affordable post-secondary education.

His success in securing the designation of Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument in the Katahdin region was the result of thousands of conversations with residents. He demonstrated through this effort that he listens and acts upon what he hears.

St. Clair will get my first choice vote in the Democratic primary on June 12. I hope you will join me in electing St. Clair as our next congressman from the 2nd Congressional District.

Sara Stevens

Hills for House District 97

I’m a teacher so I like people who do their homework. Caitlin Hills does her homework. Hills combines hard work, legislative experience and heart in her candidacy.

Since 2010, Hills has been a member of the Waldo County Democrats, a vice chair from 2016, and a get-out-the-vote canvasser in 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2016. That work was needed for my values to be promoted in Maine.

I appreciate her skill working on the RSU 20 and RSU 71 school board. Hills comes prepared, and as chairwoman, she ensures the board runs effectively and meets their obligations to the students, teachers and community.

I am heartened that as controversies come up in this community Hills investigates different points of view and does not make snap judgements about issues that will affect our community for decades.

I have taught in this area since 1994. Our community has lost many of the jobs that used to keep Waldo County prosperous. While I have struggled to support my sons on my teacher pay, the property tax rate in town has skyrocketed. State funding has dropped and the number of children in our community is shrinking.

I hope to see positive changes on the state and local level. As this town’s population ages, we must not thoughtlessly shut out opportunities to attract younger generations and keep our youth in Maine. I trust Hills to read, question critically and work for solutions.

This is why I am voting Hills for House District 97.

Martha Conway-Cole

Expand access to high-speed internet

There have been recent stories in the news regarding towns that are taking matters into their own hands to expand high-speed internet.

It looks like these towns are doing the right thing, and running fiber-optic cable to each customer so that they have true high-speed internet.

I’ve noticed that Consolidated Communications is doing work to expand internet access. Unfortunately, it is staying in the past, and expanding its DSL network instead of planning for the future, running fiber-optic cable directly to the customer. DSL will not provide the speed needed to adapt to future technology.

The sad part about Consolidated Communications expansion of its DSL network is that it is using fiber-optic cable to connect to the equipment that provides the base for DSL. There is fiber-optic cable going past hundreds of homes and businesses, but they don’t have access to it. Why doesn’t Consolidated Communications offer direct access to fiber-optic cable for high-speed internet if the cable is already there?

William Barker
Fort Fairfield

Stop government overreach

I am writing to express my deep concerns and strong opposition to HR 4879/ HR 3599, the Protect Interstate Commerce Act, introduced by Rep. Steve King of Iowa as an amendment to the farm bill of 2018. This legislation seeks to further extend the federal government’s overreach into the internal affairs of the states. It is the same legislation that King attempted and failed to have included in farm bill in 2014.

This legislation could nullify state and local measures regarding food safety, animal welfare, environmental protection, labor standards, promotion of local agriculture, and would undermine traditional areas of state control. It’s an approach that says if any one state in the nation permits the production or sale of a particular agricultural product, no matter how hazardous the product or unacceptable the production process, every other state should do so as well.

It is clearly backed by “big agriculture” and seeks to undermine the survivability of small, diversified farms. Many organizations, including The Iowa Farmers Union and The Iowa Organic Association from King’s home state oppose this legislation.

If you care about farming and animal rights in the state of Maine and believe in our strong home rule constitution, I urge you visit for more information and action suggestions.

Richard King