Golden for Congress

My reasons for supporting lifelong Democrat Jared Golden to be our next congressman for Maine’s 2nd Congressional District are:

1. Shortly after Sept. 11, 2001, this 2nd District native put college on hold and bravely joined the Marines to serve our nation, earning an honorable discharge after two tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

2. Returning home to the Lewiston area, he held low-wage jobs and was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress. Using his veterans benefits, he graduated from Bates College in 2011.

3. He then returned to Afghanistan as a volunteer schoolteacher.

4. Afterward, he joined the staff of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee for Sen. Susan Collins, where he learned how Washington works.

5. Continuing public service, he won a seat in the Maine House from Lewiston in 2014. After re-election in 2016, he was chosen by his peers to be the assistant majority leader in the House.

6. Golden has received endorsements from House Speaker Sara Gideon and 30 legislators from Maine’s 2nd District; the machinists, firefighters and UAW unions; plus national endorsements from Vote Vets and Committee for an Effective Congress.

7. He successfully fights for expanded affordable access to health care, stronger unions, fairer wages, cleaner energy and environment, better care for veterans, and equal rights for women and minorities.

Please vote for Golden for Congress in the June 12 Democratic primary. He shares my values.

Pam Person

Attack on endangered species

The Endangered Species Act has faced dozens of legislative attacks in Congress recently, with the most recent one showing up in this year’s version of the farm bill. The latest proposal would allow pesticides to be approved without considering the harm they pose to endangered species, essentially making it legal to kill an endangered species with a pesticide.

Having worked as an endangered species conservation scientist for the state of California for 15 years, I know that unregulated pesticides pose significant threats to populations of fish, bees, birds and other wildlife. The Endangered Species Act is one of our nation’s most effective environmental laws, and serves as an essential safety net for imperiled plants, fish and wildlife. The success stories are easily found such as the resurgence of our national bird, the bald eagle, since the control of DDT.

The Endangered Species Act passed Congress in 1973 with nearly unanimous support, and a national poll in 2015 showed that 90 percent of voters support it. The act allows for flexibility in protecting endangered wildlife and ensures federal, state, tribal and local officials work together to bring imperiled species back from the brink of extinction.

I urge our congressional delegation to oppose exempting pesticide use and any weakening of the Endangered Species Act in the farm bill.

Gail Presley

Elect St. Clair

I am writing in support of Lucas St. Clair, who I hope will be chosen in June to run against Bruce Poliquin for the Maine’s 2nd District seat in Congress. From what I have seen and heard from St. Clair, he will be a dedicated and tireless worker for Maine who is not interested in self-aggrandizement.

Though he is a hunter, he is not against reasonable guns. He is against weapons of war like the AR-15s that have been used to kill innocent children and adults. St. Clair supports the Second Amendment but is not taking any funds from the NRA.

As Mainers, I believe we deserve someone like St. Clair to represent us. He is a good listener and an effective planner. He is creative, bright and compassionate but I am most impressed by his empathy. We need leaders with these qualities that St. Clair possesses in abundance.

Joan Duplessis

Congress needs comfy seats

Suggestion: Congress should replace the chairs in the House and Senate with recliners. It’s disturbing to see these inactive poor souls asleep with their heads on their desks.

Charlie Cameron

Eves for governor

The Maine Democratic Party has many good candidates running for governor in June’s primary. My first choice is former Maine House Speaker Mark Eves.

I have gotten to know Eves as a hard-working, experienced and very capable leader who will fight for Maine people, Maine jobs and protection of Maine’s environment. He has both experience and the ability to connect with voters and talk about how to move Maine forward.

Eves is the right man for the job to help Maine recover from the last eight years of backward motion.

Joseph Baldacci

Iran deal a betrayal

President Barack Obama didn’t require Iranian leaders to sign the nuclear deal. This is appalling when one considers that the government tried to sell this to America as an official agreement. The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action was not a treaty or an executive agreement and was not a signed document after all.

Obama, essentially, elevated a sworn enemy of the United States to a “regional power” in what he called a “new equilibrium” that would balance the Shiite regime against Sunni powers and Israel. He thoroughly undermined U.N. Security Council resolutions negotiated by previous administrations that banned any nuclear enrichment at all by Iran, and he then turned a blind eye to Iranian terrorism.

He also made this deal quite profitable for Iran. Billions were ultimately paid to Iran, but the details surrounding these payments remain shrouded in mystery, according to Mark Dubowitz, executive director at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

Even so, Iran remained committed to destroying America, as well as Israel. It has the blood of hundreds of American soldiers on its hands. It remained engaged in war crimes in Syria and elsewhere, and continued to sponsor deadly terror attacks around the world, including attacks against civilian and diplomatic targets. Yet, Obama was committed to elevating and supporting the Iranian regime even to the point of failing to assist the Iranian opposition when it rose up in 2009.

In reality, Obama betrayed America and Israel, when he so obligingly supported the radical theocrats of Iran.

Michael Imhof