This CBS 13 photo shows a child with chickenpox. Concerns are growing over a chicken pox outbreak at a Westbrook daycare.

WESTBROOK, Maine — Concerns are growing over a chickenpox outbreak at a Westbrook daycare.

The Maine Center for Disease Control reports several children have been diagnosed with the highly contagious disease.

The outbreak took place at The Little Red School House Too.

The Maine CDC also requires unvaccinated children, who may be exposed, to be quarantined for three weeks from the date of the last diagnosed case.

The daycare’s director refused to answer any questions from CBS 13 Thursday about how many children were sent home with chickenpox.

The daycare released a statement on the incident, which reads: “We reported the cases to the CDC as soon as they were confirmed to us. We followed all the suggestions and protocols set forth by the CDC. Our number one priority is the health and well-being of the children at our center.”

Right across the parking lot from The Little Red Schoolhouse Too is a second daycare, and the director of Bethel School Kids says she’s worried about the disease spreading to children at her daycare.

Like The Little Red School House Too, this daycare also accepts unvaccinated children.

This, in spite of the risk of spreading diseases like chickenpox to even children who’ve been vaccinated.

Because the chicken pox was contained to this one daycare, the Maine CDC did not issue a health alert about the situation.

Children who’ve been vaccinated can still get chickenpox, but the symptoms may not be as severe.

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