A dog in Wells needed assistance from firefighters when she got stuck on a roof after crawling out through a second-story window. Credit: Courtesy of Steve McDonald | Wel

A Wells firefighter gave a dog a helping hand on Sunday when the pooch got stuck on a roof after crawling through a second-story window.

The Wells Police Department said in a Facebook post that Phil Burke notified the department about the stranded dog after spotting her Sunday morning.

Burke and another person, who wasn’t identified, kept an eye on the dog until police and firefighters arrived at the scene, Wells police said.

The curious dog apparently went through a screen in a second-story window overlooking the roof and then couldn’t get down, Wells police said.

But no worries. Officer Steve McDonald and fire Capt. Jeff Nawfel successfully rescued the dog from her rooftop perch, Wells police said.

A video of the rescue posted on the Wells police Facebook page shows Nawfel opening the screen and window to clear the way inside for the dog, but she continued to pace about the roof. Picking up the dog, Nawfel gently guided her back through the window to safety.

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