Passengers at Northern Maine Regional Airport wait to board a PenAir flight to Boston on Jan. 15, 2018. The airline announced it is planning to end its contract with the airport a month early. Credit: Anthony Brino

PRESQUE ISLE, Maine — PenAir is ceasing its service at the Northern Maine Regional Airport a month before its contract was set to end, leaving the city of Presque Isle hoping that United Airlines can start its service to Newark sooner than July.

Alaska-based PenAir informed the U.S. Department of Transportation that it is ceasing operations effective June 1 for its routes to Boston from Presque Isle, Bar Harbor and Plattsburgh, New York. PenAir has held those contracts, subsidized through the federal Essential Air Service Program, since 2012 but lost all of them to other airlines this spring.

Following a recommendation by the Presque Isle City Council, the federal DOT awarded the contract in March to United Airlines, which is scheduled to take over serving Presque Isle with a new route to Newark on July 1.

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