Golden best to beat Poliquin

I’m not one to question the BDN’s editorial judgment, but I’m not persuaded that the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument gives Lucas St.Clair the edge in Maine’s 2nd District Democratic Primary. The monument cuts more than one way. It may be liked but it’s not particularly well liked in the 2nd District and so may cost St. Clair as many votes as it gains him.

Unseating Bruce Poliquin is an excellent idea by almost any standard that benefits Maine people. However, we need to nominate a candidate who stands a good chance of winning. That’s Jared Golden, a life-long resident of the 2nd District who knows something about governing.

True, winning support for the monument was no easy task. But managing the family foundation strikes me as pretty narrow and shallow preparation for Congress.

What matters to me is that Golden has learned something about creating and implementing policies that preserve and improve the lives of Mainers. He has worked aggressively for healthcare, equitable wages, education, the environment, and veterans’ benefits. He has risen quickly to elected leadership roles and earned labor endorsements because his constituents and colleagues trust him.

Poliquin needs to be retired because he favors the rich over working people, as his votes on taxes and healthcare have demonstrated. Golden will bring intelligence, experience, ethics, and compassion to Washington. That, to my mind, gives Golden the edge in the June Democratic primary and in the general election in November.

Richard Brucher

Yes to ranked-choice voting

Chocolate, vanilla, pistachio. Probably you’ve tried these ice cream flavors and could rank your favorites. Deciding our preferences for politicians is like trying the flavors: do some research and see who you like best.

Opponents of our voter-approved ranked-choice voting law have said that ranking candidates will be “confusing.” I am insulted by the claim that my fellow Mainers will be stumped by a ballot that allows us to rank candidates in order of our preference, if we choose. While recent legislative and court action have muddied the waters about RCV in Maine, one thing is clear – the system itself is simple.

It’s common to vote using different methods. Two open city councilor seats? Fill in two bubbles. School budget and statewide bond? Separate pieces of paper. Big deal? Not really.

Voting Yes on Question 1 on June 12 means we’ll get to use a voting system that elects candidates with majority support. We’ll use ranked-choice voting in the primary for state and federal offices and in the general election for federal offices. Good news — using ranked-choice voting in all of these elections is constitutional in Maine. While we won’t use ranked-choice voting for the three state-level general elections, it is progress to use it in seven races.

Please join me and other Mainers to vote Yes on 1, to insist that the will of the people is upheld.

Nicole Grohoski

Mayhew for governor

While Mary Mayhew’s was commissioner of the Department of Health and Human Services, she made the tough decisions for the right outcomes to stem the “hemorrhaging red ink” that the department was experiencing. She got DHHS back on track after decades of constant fiscal crisis that had challenged its ability to offer increased good care to our most vulnerable citizens — the elderly and truly disabled. Because of Mayhew and her leadership skills, Maine has become a national leader in healthcare policy.

Mayhew believes, as do I, that “true compassion is believing in someone’s abilities and helping them obtain them.” Her programs with a “hand up” rather than a “hand out,” work to get people off welfare and help them achieve self-worth and self-esteem.

She has the same foresight for education policies that are currently creating a stagnant progress report from our schools. She understands the need for economic growth and jobs for our future generations.

Help to keep the legacy going. Vote for Mayhew for governor and make Maine stay great on June 12.

Diane Vernesoni

Cote is a leader

It was a noisy convention gathering where everyone wanted to talk with the candidates. They wanted to talk with the individual who, they believed, could win in June and November. One candidate was not going to leave without listening to all those who wanted to share their thoughts.

A young man with developmental disabilities was introduced to Adam Cote and he had some questions. How would Cote implement Medicaid expansion? How would he fix our public health system? How would he stand up for all the people in Maine? Would he listen to and work for those who feel left out, those who are disappointed and downright angry with our government in Augusta?

I watched Cote listen intently and answer the young man’s questions. A leader listens and respects all. Not just those who can help him the most. Not just those who have power. Cote listens to all of Maine’s people and leads in a positive direction. He will leave no one behind.

I am voting for Cote and I urge you to do the same. We must work together to lead Maine forward with a strong economy and respect for all Mainers. Cote is the leader we need now.

Anne Graham
North Yarmouth

Golden right for 2nd District

As a first term representative representing Bangor, I had the opportunity to serve under Jared Golden, a leader whose motto is “no one is left behind.” Whether he is mentoring new legislators, or championing legislation supporting families and veterans, Golden holds as paramount the needs of his constituents and his caucus.

We now have the opportunity to send Golden to Congress to represent us in our struggle for a reformed health care system, tougher environmental protections, and fair labor and tax laws for the middle class. To many Americans have been left behind under the present administration on these issues. We need a congressional representative in the 2nd Congressional District who not only believes these policies to be wrong, but who has a proven track record of legislative experience to turn these policies around.

A man of honesty, and integrity, with a strong work ethic, Golden is the right representation for Maine’s 2nd District.

Barbara Cardone

Election notice

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