What do representatives think of Trump?

I, and many others I’m sure, would be interested to know what our congressional representatives in Washington, particularly Republicans, truly think of President Donald Trump.

What about him, I wonder, do they continue to support: his domestic and foreign policies, his words, deeds, diplomacy, plans, honesty, integrity, character, etc.? If they do support anything on that list, I would be interested in why.

I would like to understand what they find about him that compels them to side with him. Who do they represent? What motivates their continuing support?

Scott Milliken

Blue Hill

Family separations cruel

Physically, Maine is far removed from the southern border where children are being separated from their families. Nonetheless, the haunting realities of forceful family separations on the U.S. border is something that no one can afford to ignore. This crisis demands action and outright repudiation from all corners of the country.

By no fault of their own, children less than 1 year old are being held indefinitely in an unfamiliar country with people who speak an unfamiliar language, and are deprived of even the simple comfort of their mother’s arms. As it stands, there is no plan in place to reunite children who have already been separated from their parents. This is not merely a temporary inconvenience; the trauma these children are experiencing will never leave them.

As a country, it is humiliating that our collective standard for morality has sunk so low that we disagree on whether children belong in their mother’s arms or in literal cages. This is not a partisan question. Families risked everything to flee violence and horrendous living conditions, yet it was not until their arrival at the U.S. border at the end of a life-threatening journey that their children were taken from them.

The Maine College Democrats believe there are no moral or political ambiguities regarding the forced separation of young children and their families. Let us be clear: at the very least, these immigrants deserve the basic human dignity of staying united as families.

Brody Haverly-Johndro


Maine College Democrats


King shows loyalty to defense contractors

I was extremely disappointed to learn Sen. Angus King recently voted in the Senate Armed Services Committee to support Sen. Ted Cruz’s proposal to require the Pentagon to develop a space-based missile defense program that the Pentagon has not requested. Former Missile Defense Agency Director Adm. James Syring told the House Armed Services Committee in April 2016, “I have serious concerns about the technical feasibility of interceptors in space, and I have serious concerns about the long-term affordability of a program like that.”

The Arms Control Association writes: “Senator Cruz and other SBI proponents greatly understate the monetary, technical, and strategic limitations that constrain the development of interceptors in space.”

The National Academy of Sciences estimated that such a system would require hundreds of interceptors costing roughly 10 times that of ground-based system, which our military just completed last year and has tested and confirmed to be effective.

Instead of spending our tax dollars on costly, unproven programs that serve only to enrich defense contractors, we should support our veterans, current military service people and the people of Maine.

At a time when many Mainers struggle to feed themselves, find affordable housing and health and dental care, we should begin to break our economy’s dependence on an ever-expanding military budget and shift toward developing clean renewable energy for a sustainable economy, climate, and future for Maine’s people. King’s vote demonstrates greater loyalty to defense contractors than to Maine’s people.

Cynthia Handlen


Unite America for Americans

I do not condone forced separation of families if the children are safe and secure within the confines of the family structure. The situation that currently faces us as citizens of this great country is without a doubt a grave and serious one, which is evident to all who have the interest of children at heart.

But entering our country across a border without the proper documentation or need for asylum is considered illegal and subject to the rule of law. Unfortunately, many of these immigrants who crossed the border illegally have brought children with them presumably seeking a better life.

At no time in our history that I am aware of have criminals been allowed to take their families to jail with them. As a military man and not a criminal (although I lived within a barbed wire complex), I was not allowed to take my family with me on my three tours in Korea or the many extended deployments I was required to serve. We have long espoused the phrases “crime doesn’t pay,” “if you can’t do the time don’t do the crime” and many others. Isn’t it time to stop the nonsense and get down to the business of being Americans for America’s sake?

You may not be in tune with our president and his policies, but he is our elected official and can be voted out in 2020. For now, our great country needs unity of purpose and I for pray that we can make all things great again for us all.

Wayne LeVasseur


Hayes for governor

As a University of Maine Cooperative Extension professor, I had the opportunity years ago to work with Terry Hayes, an independent candidate for governor, as one of our first community leadership program graduates. Throughout her public service as a town selectperson, state legislator and state treasurer, Hayes has worked with polarized political parties to provide effective and practical solutions to complex issues such as voting reform, sustainable workforce development and quality education.

As an independent governor, Hayes will be a unifier and creative problem-solver. At a time when Maine’s traditional political party leaders are more concerned with political advantage, we need a collaborative leader who can motivate and work with elected officials to do what’s right regardless of party affiliation.

As the first independent voted in by Democrats and Republicans as our current state treasurer, Hayes brings a refreshing approach to leadership in state government that will serve Maine well.

Douglas Babkirk