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Weather forecasters are predicting that the Fourth of July will be a scorcher, so we’ve prepared a list of simple recipes that will help you cool off and celebrate the mid-week holiday. If you’re looking for classics with a simple or sophisticated twist, we’ve got you covered.

Cheese and veggie mini kabobs

Sure, the headline for the link reads “What to eat when it’s snowing.” Perhaps it’s wishful thinking, as temps creep up into the 90s. That said, nothing is simpler or more picnic friendly than this little appetizer.

Egg salad sliders with bacon

For a simple but delicious upgrade to a classic picnic food, simply add a slice or two of crispy bacon.

Chicken souvlaki salad

Marinade the chicken the night before, then toss it on the grill or in the oven. All that remains is a quick assembly in order to serve up this simple Mediterranean-style salad.

Spicy watermelon caprese

Add some blueberries, and you have a festive summery side dish.

Corn on the cob

Yes, it will be hot, but if you’re already grilling, be sure to toss a few ears of corn on the grill to add a delicious smoky taste.

Hot dog topping ideas

Skip the traditional ketchup and mustard combo. Tour the U.S. without leaving your backyard with these five toppers, whose names are inspired by the regions where they originate: Chicago, New York, Detroit, Sonora and Carolina.

Maine crab cakes with radish salad

The pairing of the sweet and sour radish salad with the savory crab cakes is sure to impress guests at your Fourth of July cookout.

Peppery parsnip fries

Skip spuds and give these carrot-like vegetables a try. They pair well with anything off the grill and are a great alternative to traditional potato fries.

Tomato, avocado and roasted corn salad

This fresh summer salad is easy to assemble and pairs well with grilled meats and fish, or with tacos. Serve on top of a green salad or scoop it up with tortilla chips.

How to make the perfect burger at home

You can’t go wrong with burgers for a summer cookout. They’re classic. But if you’re looking to get the perfect burger, give this a read. Local chefs gave the BDN a few tips to take your backyard burger up a notch. Vegetarian or vegan? Simply swap the beef for portobello mushrooms.

Lobster pate with pistachios 

If you’re looking to impress your out-of-state guests with a fancy twist on a classic Maine staple, this surprisingly simple appetizer is the one to make.

Lemonade and blueberry iced cocktail

Make the blueberry ice cubes the night before for this refreshing beverage that looks sophisticated but takes no time to put together. Skip the vodka, and you have a family-friendly drink for the whole crowd.

Blueberry cake with fluffy vanilla frosting

Top with strawberries or raspberries for a treat that’s red, white and blue.

Strawberry-rhubarb pie

This summertime classic is quick and easy to whip up — chop, mix, pour, bake — and simple enough to make while waiting for dinner to finish cooking.

Moxie whoopie pies — as well as a classic recipe

Yes, Maine does have a state treat, and it is none other than the whoopie pie. Here is a recipe for the classic treat. But if you’re feeling adventurous, and want to be “extra” Maine, give the Moxie whoopie pie a try, made with the love-it-or-leave-it soda.

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