HERMON, Maine — Dustan Durrell of Newburgh led all 20 laps on Wednesday night as he secured his first victory of the season in the Cap’s Tavern Modified Enduro feature at Speedway 95.

Jordan Kimball of Holden, a rookie in the division, won a qualifier and started the race on the front row beside Durrell. He wound up second after Joshua Merrill of Corinth was disqualified in the postrace inspection. Andrew Crosby of Hermon took third, followed by James Goodman of Hampden and Robert Mushero of West Enfield, respectively.

Other Speedway 95 results

KENNY-U-PULL ROADRUNNERS: 1. Robert Caruso, Kenduskeag; 2. Chris Horlieca, Winterport; 3. Alvin McNevin, Holden; 4. Doug Woodard, Plymouth; 5. Jason Hyde, Glenburn

STARS OF TOMORROW: 1. Gage Higgins, Newburgh; 2. Damon Kimball, Holden; 3. Garret McKee, Dixmont