A 39-year-old woman from the Sebasco area was taken to Mid Coast Hospital in Brunswick on Tuesday night after her boxer-mix dog bit her leg as the woman tried to intervene in a canine conflict.

“She apparently got in the middle of a fight between her two dogs — the other was a shepherd mix — over some food,” Phippsburg Animal Control Officer Norm Turner said Wednesday. “She tried to physically intervene and one turned around and bit her, probably trying to get to the pup.”

Phippsburg rescue workers and the Sagadahoc County Sheriff’s Office responded to the call, and took the woman to Mid Coast Hospital.

Turner said the woman “was fine” by the time he arrived, but took “a pretty big bite” from her left calf that he suspected would require several stitches.

The two dogs “settled down immediately,” Turner said, and the male co-owner “seemed confident he could keep the peace” with the dogs, so Turner left them there, with the boxer-mix on home quarantine. The owner said the dog had a rabies booster in May, and Turner said he’d check on them Wednesday.

Because the victim was the dog’s owner, “it’s really up to them what they want to do with the dog,” Turner said. “She intervened — the dog didn’t go after her, so I can’t term the dog vicious.”

He suggested that instead of intervening in a dog fight, people throw a blanket over the dogs or throw some water at them.

“Most people try to physically intervene, and this is what happens, unfortunately,” he said.

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